Wednesday, 1 October 2014


In case you have not seen Mashed before (shame on you!) here's a link to the shows on Channel 4.

They're great fun to watch and have loads of YouTube talent like Oliver age 24 and RageNineteen. So get busy watching!

Here's some links...

Mashed Twitter here.

Mashed YouTube here.

Mashed on Channel 4 here.

I've done quite a few videos for these guys over the past few years and it's always been great (Hi Tom! XD).
I have another video coming up soon with them too, I'll link and do a promo for it in the next week or so on my channel and here, so look out for that!

And here's another oil paint sketch I did, another portrait (yawn!) but I'm the only person who's there 24/7 for me to paint
(I don't paint from photos, just from life), so there!

 photo Portrait_Oct-2014.jpg


Monday, 8 September 2014

Oil painting progress

Here's a little more progress on that painting I've been working on.
I've avoided going back to paintings as I like to start new ones as often as I can, but I'm trying to keep at this now until I feel it's finished.

It's slow going what with waiting for the oil paint to dry, doing a little more, waiting etc. etc. But I hope it'll pay off and I'll have at least one finished painting
soon enough.

 photo Portrait_Aug_03.jpg


Saturday, 23 August 2014

"Derp" SSundee 3,000,000 Subscribers video

Oh boy!
This one's a winner!

Here's a video I made with the awesome SSundee called 'Derp'
Had so much fun making this it's unreal lol.

It's a parody of how the music videos are made these days, there are many who get it but some who don't.
Just check the latest Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus to see how tame our minecraft video is compared to the videos by these people, then you can see how we had fun making fun of them.

Hope you enjoy it in the spirit it was made, the silly commercial sexy vid that is sadly the norm for this age in female music videos *sigh*

It's also quite funny that some will take offence to it yet totally accept the latest (and far more sexual) video aimed at young people. I hope you view it in the spirit in which it was made.

God help us!

anyhow, hope you enjoy the mentalness and fun we had in the making of it and a big shout out to SSundee who supported the vision from the get go, a great guy and well deserved of the 3 million subs he earned. Cheers fella!

: D

take care,

Monday, 11 August 2014

BP portrait award 2014 visit

I was lucky enough to visit the BP portrait award exhibition this weekend. I visited some good friends and took some time to look at the fantastic paintings on display. I couldn't get enough of it tbh, I could have easily looked at each painting for hours on end, but there's so much on display that it's too much to take in. Like reading 50 books in an hour. So much info and styles and voices, how can anyone truly take that in one visit?. I'm still buzzing from it.

As you do, i couldn't wait to start up with the paints again. I started a painting a few days before leaving for London and figured I should keep a log of the progress of the painting so far. I've done so much this year so far that it'd be nice to have this blog logging the progress.

Here's V_01 of my latest painting..

 photo Portrait_Aug_01.jpg

Here's V_02 a little more detail...

 photo Portrait_Aug_02.jpg

I hop to add more detail, depth and other bits and bobs to it as I go, I'll keep you posted.