Sunday, 5 September 2010

I suck

Yes, I suck. Most of the time the things I do don't quite go to plan. For a start I have curly hair. Not the best start in life, and now I'm going bald. Great.

So where am I at now? nowhere really. I spend most of my time drawing stupid drawings on Microsoft paint, some get me into trouble, some don't. Over time you'll see what I mean. For now though, let's start simple.

this is me reaching out to the world.


Reaching out into the world of blog readers. For those who care about the losers in life. You know who we are, we all know. Some of us can blag it, some of us don't even try and some of us wouldn't even know where to start.

This is my start.

drawing number 2...


As you can see, I am pathetic. I'm not even drawn right. I don't even have an iPhone, I have an old iPod. I will be looking at who reads this on this iPod, checking to see who is following me and waiting for the comments putting me down. My clothes have no logos, they are also old as I hate shopping for clothes. I hate shopping full stop. As we're on the subject I hate a lot of things, most things if I'm really honest. I'm grumpy and full of stupid info. I don't shave often enough and the hair on my face is going gray. I have stumpy little legs and a gut that gets bigger every year.

I could go on.

I expect you'll laugh at my blog while I'm being sick with the fear of yet another failure ( que drawing number 3...)


but here I am.

Happy for now. Happy that I've started this blog.

Drawing number 4...


Catch you later.


  1. Ahhh we still love ya, whatever.

    (9 on a Sunday night probably not the best time to post the link on b3ta though :p)


  2. I share your insecurity and crippling fear of failure. Unfortunately I can't compensate it with skillful animations of shitting cats :(

  3. I agree. Your shitting cats are probably the best shitting the world.

  4. Ha ha...that anim will never go away : D