Friday, 24 June 2011

The cats are coming.......

Here's a scary thought.

OK, now I think the age of teh cats is almost here.
Their time has come. It happens in 6 stages....

Stage 01.
First it's the 'wide open sleep'. Sleeping with their eyes open. Looks weird, is weird. It begins.

Stage 2.
yes, stage 2 is number 2.
Using human toilet. Be afraid.

Stage 3.
Angry cats. We see them, they see us. Man, they are not happy.

Stage 4.
Slayer, you know you're cat isn't right when it starts litening to slayer. In case you haven't realised, cat's don't listen to music, so when this happens, it's not a good sign.

Stage 5.
Doing drugs.
not cool.

Stage 6.
The great pretender. Oh, he's the great pretender. Pretending that he's doing well, or that he is a dog. Either or really.
This skill is for the advanced kitty. BEWARE.

Now listen to all the videos at once, press play on all of them from the start and you will hear the sound of the future.
You like?

.....didn't think so.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

More stuff.......

what? you like stuff?
I got stuff.

here's some stuff....

what? you want more stuff?......

...waht now??? you want more stuff????
jebus!....more stuff?????

Here's more stuff...

that's enough stuff for you for now.
you've stuffed yourself now.

: )
he he he.