Monday, 20 September 2010

Lady Gaga meat dress

Lady Gaga's meat dress is something to see. I don't really know where to start with this woman.


Although I quite like the idea of this dress, someone must have said it was a bad idea. Apart from the smell (of the meat and Gaga) it looks pretty grim. Someone must be having a laugh at her expense. Or maybe she's having a laugh at our expense, does anyone really care? sadly yes, they do. I want to kill myself just because I'm writing this about her, more hype and publicity. Oh man, it never ends.

Maybe next time she can wear her own skin inside out? I'd like to see that. Or a hat made from her own hands? She'll push this hype as far as she can and one one will care.


Can this be the last we all hear about her please?

can it?


  1. But surely if people are going to be making a big fuss about a popstar its infinitely better that its about someone who tries to make statements (sincere or not) rather than someone who is quite happy being nothing more than a walking pair of funbags, contributing nothing interesting to the world, like a Pussycat Doll?

  2. Yes I suppose so. Still, she did wear a dress made from meat!. And I don't see much of a difference in her and a Pussycat doll. Just different marketing.

  3. While I'd agree that some of her image is marketing there are still lots of aspects to her persona that are her through and through.

    Taking her position on gay issues as an example - someone like Katy Perry singing about kissing a girl in order to appeal to men is good marketing, whereas Gaga snogging the face off a borderline-transgender performance artist while wearing sunglasses that are on fire is about completely desexualizing it, removing the male-gaze in what is essentialy the same 'act'.

    I can understand that if you're not particularly interested in her it'd seem like shes just being wacky for attention, but I just felt it was worth mentioning that she does often have a genuine intent.