Monday, 6 September 2010


I love cats.

I hate a lot of things but not cats. I have a large black cat called Bumble, and before you start laughing at his stupid name you should know that we didn't name him. He adopted us a two years ago. Just showed up one day, ran into our house and meowed as loud as he could while clawing at our bed.


I had seen him around for a couple of years, just now and again. I think he was casing the joint. Either way, here he was. A big black cat with massive claws and big green eyes.

Sometimes I think he took pity and decided to look after me. Or was it the other way around? Only he knows.

After that, he came to see us every day, he would walk through the open back door and just lay on the floor and go to sleep. Then an hour or two later he would get up and leave. No goodbye, no 'yeah, thanks for the nap' or 'cheers dudes, see ya later'. Nothing. In...sleep...then out.

You see, only cats can do this. If I walked into your house and slept on your floor for a few hours you would call the police. Just ask Robert D. Jr. I think he did something like that. I think.

I should set the scene a little, where we live we have a lot of stray cats. Maybe nine or ten of them, they sleep on our cars, meow at night and stare at us when we drive our cars from the car park. I bet they wish they had thumbs. But they don't. HA! one up for us humans, although they can lick in places we shall never speak of. Draw!
So we thought he must be one of those stray cats. Over time we asked around, tried to find out where on earth this crazy visitor came from, and in the end we found out.

He belonged to a woman who lived just down the road.

We'd grown to like our visitor over those few months, we never fed him or did anything to encourage him, he just turned up, slept and left. This made us think there was something wrong, something made him come back to us. So we went to her house and explained what was hapening.

To cut it short, she didn't want him. She had three cats, a dog and two children. She said that his name was Bumble and he just did what he wanted, whenever he wanted.
Her loss. Now he's ours. We are his pets.


I don't care. Either way I now have a cat. A big, black, hairy, sharp clawed, green eyed, crazy, half domesticated maniac of a cat.

He has brought us mice, birds(even a pigeon) and just the other week... a squirrel. Yes a squirrel. He must like us.


I love cats.

: )

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