Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Zombies In Retroland

I love zombies. I hope they never really show up, but the movies are just awesome.

If I was a zombie I would probably look like this.


but maybe that's a little too scary for you. Is it?
well how about if I just do this...


Zombie me has now been made retro.
I am now retro zombie.
The scriest of all zombies are the retro zombies. They spread out fast and have a mean chompy bite.

To prove this point, I have made a short film called Zombies In Retroland.

Watch it if you dare.

It took me quite a while to make last week and I am very tired now.
Not even Bumble can wake me.



  1. Amazing, dude! I will post it on my blog about zombie culture.
    Greetings for you and a hreat huge to Bumble.

  2. And a question about the sound: where you get the sounds? What oldie computer games? Some sounds look familiar but I don't get it...

  3. Thank you. Me (and Bumble) are vry pleased you like it. :)

    I make all the sounds myself, synth stuff using the square sound module thing, you can get great 8-bit like sounds with it.

  4. Incredible and 'purrrrfect'. Those sounds teletransport me to the age of Manic Miner, Ants, School Daze and all those old Spectrum 48K glories...

    I will follow your work from now on!