Sunday, 2 January 2011

Ladybug Park

So, all Christmas I've had this nasty cold. I've watched my fair share of movies and eaten a good load of chocolate. All the things I expected to do really, although I couldn't taste anything and I felt tired the whole time.

There was one thing I didn't expect though.

this Ladybug.


I'm convinced ladybugs are both the cutest and dumbest of bugs.
It flies into my face at random moments. Lands on my laptop screen and keyboard. Even lands on my hands and head.

Well, it looked bored , and as I think I made a new friend I got to work with a christmas card, some tape and some string.

I made a see-saw, a swing and a slide.
The next time it landed on my hand I took it to the home made park.
We had some fun there.
just look...

I think I'll make a nice house next. With a pool, why not!
; )


  1. I love this video. I just had two questions; who did the music? And how did you create that keen de-res effect at the very end of the video?

  2. Hey Doc Pop, thanks.
    I made the music :) I thought something nice and gentle would suit the mood. And the weird effect at the end of the video was just a happy accident. The video must have got corrupted somehow, but I like it so kept it in.
    : ) Although I am looking into finding a way to recreate that effect.

    I like that kind of thing

  3. Cool, the music sounds great (in all y'r videos actually). I've been trying to figure a good way to get some video effects like this too. I got some cool effects when shooting with PXL2000 or with my newly acquired Digital Harinezumi camera. Here's a video I shot with that

  4. You've made that Ladybird (for that is what we call them here) the happiest insect alive.

    Unless it's dead now.

    Either way- TOP WORK!

  5. So did you have sex with her afterwards? 'Cause I would have...

  6. lol, no.
    no I didn't.

    we're just good friends ; )