Friday, 25 February 2011

01:33 a.m.

ohh, it's ealry and late at the same time now. Although I have been going to bed a lot later these days due to crunch time on KAMI RETRO. Well almost there. Good job I say as well as I'm pretty much worn out now. A year worth of hard work has gone into that game and we're very proud indeed. Can't wait to get it released on the internets now.

That's all to come next month, so at this time of the morning I would like to present the Interactive Cat Keyboard.

you will have to let the video load fully then you can play the keys with the number keys on your keyboard right there in front of you. Yes, right there.
(sometime you may have to skip the video around a bit once it loads, not sure why, youtube bugs!)

have fun : D


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  2. I like the part where the cat meowed.