Saturday, 16 February 2013

Interactive video

You don't see many interactive videos on youtube, that's probably because they aren't all that interactive.
Bit still, I find them great fun to make, so I made another one.

Yes, it's another Minecraft video, but to tell the truth, they are fun to make and I can probably get more videos made this way
as I won't have to keep making new characters, sets and all the rest of the work that goes into my videos.
That's not to say I will only be doing Minecraft videos from now on, I have more in the works as well.
But for now, expect more.



  1. Do what you enjoy. Some Minecraft videos isn't a bad thing, and might be more likely to spark more popularity than something completely original (unfortunately). Either way, I'll keep watching the awesome vids.

    1. I do enjoy these to be honest, and it makes my life a little easier. And if I can reach more people than it makes it all a little more worthwhile: ) and thanks : )