Thursday, 7 October 2010

Scare Tactic number one

My good friend Gavin and I love to play music. This is us rocking out.


We're at my parent's house here, in the consevatory in the early hours of the morning. We swap instraments around and record pretty much everything we do. You may also notice my parent's cat, her name is Kat. She doesn't seem to mind the noise at all.

This night, I had the great idea to scare the living crap out of Gav. No idea why, maybe as he looked so into the groove that he would never expect it.


I lied and told him I was going to the bathroom. This was going to be great. No other scare I had done before was going to be like this. This was the big one.

I sneaked through the house....


As quiet as a mouse, through the living room, through to the kitchen and out the back door.
The back door led out to the garden where, on the other side, the conservatory door was wide open. And there, unsuspecting, in the music zone, in the middle of a keyboard odyssey that for all I know was the best thing that had happened to music since music began, was Gavin.
About to have the scare of his life.

So I got into position.

It was really hard not to start laughing. No! I though, it would give the game away.

So I took in a deep breath...

...Jumped right in front of the open door...

... and let out a mighty roar!.


And this is what he did.


He froze.

He just froze and had a look of terror on his face like he was going to die.

You see, the best thing about this kind of scare is that he had nowhere to jump. Yes his head moved back and I'm sure there was a little bowel movement, but other than that, nothing. He had no room to move.
He was trapped.


If I was a mad axeman, he'd be dead.

This is the best way to scare someone. Catch them when they're in a zone, make the loudest noise possible along with a sudden jump. And most important of all, make sure your victim has nowhere to go. No room to move or run.

This will give you the satisfying white face and look of absolute horror that you are looking for. They will pin themselves to the wall or sofa and stay that way until they realise what's going on. Or have a heart attack.

Either way, the look on the face is priceless.

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